AMANAH regrets the assasination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey

Amanah view with grave concern and regrets the assasination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey. An official representative of a sovereign nation is entitled to safety and protection in another nation. No arguments can justify the murder of the Ambassador as he is the official representative of a country with diplomatic ties with Turkey.

With the current turmoil in neighbouring Syria and the spilling over of instability into Turkey, the incident may have serious consequences if not handled properly.

We urge both Russia and Turkey to exercise great care and caution in handling the tragic incident. We are aware there are various parties who seek to destabalise Turkey and harming its relationship with Russia may be an attempt to isolate Turkey from an influential great world power.

Our condolences to the family of the late Russian Ambassador to Turkey. With a mature and well considered approach by both nations, a potential diplomatic row may be averted. It is in times like this cool heads and wisdom must prevail.

We welcome the statements from the leaders of both nations, Mr Edorgan and Mr Putin, to jointly investigate the incident and be wary of attempts to drive a wedge in the relationship between the two nations.

Turkey is an important Muslim nation much respected by the Muslims and non Muslim nations. May stability and peace prevail in Turkey, InSyaAllah.


International Bureau Chairman for Amanah
20 December 2016

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